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This week's featured art from the Anime Angels book is now posted in the Newest Deviations section at animeangelsbook  The art is "Heaven" by hitsukuya and is one of a set of four works that will appear in the book.

To support the book project:
  - Kickstarter page
  - Paypal preorder page

- Bruce
This week's Anime Angels featured art is "For Only Two" by Onirin, and you can see it in the "newest deviations" section at animeangelsbook.  Feel free to take a look, add it as a favorite, submit the art to DA galleries if you like, and so on.

We also just recently set up a separate Paypal page for Anime Angels book preorders, for people who either don't have a credit card or who don't want to create an Amazon account (required by Kickstarter).  The Paypal preorder page is here:…

However if you have a choice, it's slightly better to use the Kickstarter page at…
This week's featured art from the book is "Battle Angel" by Kukico, and is in the Newest Deviations and gallery section at animeangelsbook.  Feel free to take a look, and mark the art as a Favorite if you like it!

- Bruce
We've started an official DeviantArt site for the book at :iconanimeangelsbook: where we'll be posting selected artwork from the book over the next several weeks.  So feel free to take a look at animeangelsbook

And Red-Priest-Usada made a great publicity artwork for the book - here's the thumbnail image:


You can click the image to see the larger version.  She has two artworks in the book, and this publicity art shows the initial lineart for one of them.

The Kickstarter page for book preorders is at this site
I'm really pleased to let everybody know that Anime Angels is now available for preorder on Kickstarter.  We'll be offering both the regular softcover as well as a limited-edition hardcover version, and there are a variety of fun extras available including large postcards, 8x10 prints, and posters.

The Kickstarter page:…

Anime Angels landing / splash page:

Press release:…

Please tell your friends... and thanks for helping angels to fly!

- Bruce