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We've started an official DeviantArt site for the book at :iconanimeangelsbook: where we'll be posting selected artwork from the book over the next several weeks.  So feel free to take a look at animeangelsbook

And Red-Priest-Usada made a great publicity artwork for the book - here's the thumbnail image:


You can click the image to see the larger version.  She has two artworks in the book, and this publicity art shows the initial lineart for one of them.

The Kickstarter page for book preorders is at this site
I'm really pleased to let everybody know that Anime Angels is now available for preorder on Kickstarter.  We'll be offering both the regular softcover as well as a limited-edition hardcover version, and there are a variety of fun extras available including large postcards, 8x10 prints, and posters.

The Kickstarter page:…

Anime Angels landing / splash page:

Press release:…

Please tell your friends... and thanks for helping angels to fly!

- Bruce
Art submissions closed on January 8.  Thanks to everybody who submitted art for consideration!  We were able to accept just under 100 artworks from over 60 artists.  Email notifications (both acceptances, and regrets) have gone out to everybody who submitted art, so if you submitted art, please check your email inbox for a notice, which you should have received on Jan. 12.  The next step is to get artist agreements from everybody, and assemble the art files.

A Kickstarter campaign to accept preorders for Anime Angels is coming soon (later in January), so keep an eye out for that.

- Bruce
It took a bit longer than expected, but the revised book cover design is finally here!  Contributing Anime Angels artists can see it in the private gallery here at  Based on feedback from the original cover draft, we changed the approach and are instead going with a Pixiv-inspired "lightweight" theme that has the text at the bottom with the Japanese as a subtle addition, rather than a dominant feature of the cover.  The new layout also zooms in a bit on the angel so that we can see her face better.  This design should look particularly good at its full 8.5x11 size when the book goes to print.

The new cover design is by :iconfinni: - thanks, Finni!

- Bruce
(This is a shorter version of the update sent out to the artists' email list).

As we can see from the results of the latest DA poll, a large number of people (30 artists so far) said that a due date extension for the art submissions would be helpful.  With that in mind, I'll go ahead and extend the due date to early January:  Sunday, January 8, 2012.  This should give everybody who was experiencing schedule stress some extra time to make 1 or 2 nice angel artworks.

Many thanks to everybody who has already submitted artwork for the book - about 10 people have sent in art so far, and it looks great.

In December I'm likely to create a trailer video for the book, so if you've already submitted art, I might contact you directly to accept your art early and get permission to feature it in the video trailer.  So there is still an advantage to doing your art by December 15.  :-)

- brucekun